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Toner & Ink Cartridge Recycling

Since 2016, toner cartridges, ink cartridges and toner powder has fallen under the classification of electrical waste (WEEE) and must therefore be disposed of correctly. This is great news for the environment but can be tricky for schools and businesses to remain compliant.

Unfortunately, many schools, colleges, universities, and businesses still throw their printer consumable waste in the bin or skip. This does not comply with the WEEE Directive, and therefore should be stopped immediately.

At Alpha IT Recycling, we have designed an efficient and effective method of disposing of your printer consumable waste using our handy wheelie bin service. We will deliver a 240L wheelie bin to your site and allow you to slowly fill it with your printer consumable waste (examples are below). Once your bin is full, we will come to your site and empty it. Your waste is taken away and recycled correctly and legally.

Our 240L wheelie bins are approximately (in CM) 107H x 58W x 72D.

Our service is aimed at businesses who want to lower their impact on the environment, increase their corporate social responsibility, and improve their duty of care, cost-effectively and simply.
  • Initial Wheelie Bin Delivery – £60 ex VAT
  • Per Collection/Being Emptied – £160 ex VAT

Please note, this service is designed for organisations with more then 10 laser printers and photocopiers. Wheelie bins should be full and emptied within 90 days. Wheelie Bins are delivered and emptied upon receipt of payment for new customers.

Here are some of the benefits of using our printer consumable recycling service:
  • We accept all your printer consumables no matter type or brand.
  • Your waste is reused and recycled following the relevant legislation.
  • We offer a simple and friendly service.
  • We provide Waste Transfer Notes, for proof of legislation compliance and audit purposes.

What To Recycle In Our Wheelie Bins

Inkjet Cartridges

Laser Toner Cartridges

Toner Bottles

Imaging & Fuser Units

Drum Units

Transfer Belts

Our Toner & Ink Cartridge Recycling Process

Arrange a Wheelie Bin Delivery

1. Get in touch via phone or email so we can arrange an initial wheelie bin delivery payment. Once payment has been made, we will deliver the wheelie bin within 48 hours.

Fill Up Your Wheelie Bin

2. Fill up the wheelie bin with your printer waste. You can pop all of the following into the wheelie bin for us to dispose of: Inkjet cartridges, Laser cartridges, Waste toner bottles, Imaging units, Drum units, Fuser units, and Transfer belts.

Arrange a Wheelie Bin Collection

3. Once you have filled up the wheelie bin, just give us a call. We will come and empty the wheelie bin.

WEEE Compliant Disposal

4. We ensure your printer waste is 100% recycled. That means ZERO landfill and ZERO incineration.

Our disposal and recycling services ensure your organisation stays GDPR and WEEE compliant.

Alpha IT Recycling

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