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Certified Data Eraser

At Alpha IT Recycling, we offer NCSC-approved HMG Infosec Level 5 Enhanced certified data sanitisation methods. We’ll provide an audit of the devices we have collected from you, and then a certificate of data destruction once they have been sanitised or destroyed, assuring your data is in the safest hands.

Our offsite data sanitisation and destruction service is complimentary with our IT and computer recycling service. We also offer this service independently if you only have storage media that needs sanitising or destroying. If you just need data sanitisation, our service is free (including collection) with a minimum quantity of 30 hard drives.

What is Data Sanitisation?

Data sanitisation is the process of erasing all data stored on a device, ensuring it is unrecoverable. Data sanitisation does not involve physically destroying a device which allows the device to be reused. Using NCSC approved methods of data eraser, we can certify that 100% of the data on your devices is erased.

Data destruction is the process of physically destroying the hardware to ensure data cannot be recovered. Unfortunately, also prevents the hardware from being reused in the future. Hardware which goes through physical destruction has its material recycled. Data destruction is less environmentally friendly compared to data sanitisation as it requires more resources to process, and the hardware cannot be reused. All hard drives that fail data sanitisation are physically destroyed.

Data sanitisation is an essential part of ensuring your organisation is GDPR compliant. Not only does data sanitisation minimise the risk of a data breach, but it guarantees that your organisation is not storing personal information for longer than necessary, an essential part of being GDPR compliant.

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Reduce your risk of a data breach with Alpha IT Recycling

Did you know that obsolete computers and laptops, which are often left with company data on them, are susceptible to unnoticed corporate theft? This massively increases the chance of your company having a data breach.

Certified data destruction is vital to ensure you:
– Prevent the leak of your staff and customers’ information
– Comply with GDPR
– Protect your network, infrastructure, and business
– Main your reputation

Items We Sanitise And Destroy

Hard Drives & SSDs
External Hard Drives & NAS Devices
CDs & DVDs
Backup Tapes
Memory Sticks
Floppy Disks

Our IT & Electronic Waste Recycling Process

Arrange a Collection

1. Get in touch via phone or email. We’ll arrange a convenient time to collect your items.

No Fuss Collection

2. We’ll send you an ETA on the day of collection so you know when to expect us. Upon arrival, we’ll meet with your site contact to confirm the items being collected.

Hardware Audit

3. At our secure depot, items are unloaded to the booking in area. Items are assessed and audited. Hard drives are removed ready for data sanitisation.

Secure Recycling

4. Items go through our secure, certified, eco-friendly disposal process. Hard drives are sanitised using NCSC approved methods, or destroyed using specialist machinery.

Document Handover

5. As soon as your items have been processed, we’ll send you your hardware audit and certificates of data destruction.

Why Choose Us?

  • Personal, reliable, and a tailored service every time
  • No discreet costs, contracts, and commitments
  • Free collections
  • Certified data destruction using NCSC approved methods
  • Free deinstallation and removal of equipment
  • Free hardware audit report
  • Out of hours and weekend collections
  • Small or large quantities
  • Responsible EU GDPR / WEEE compliant recycling
  • Fast, efficient, hassle-free service
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Our disposal and recycling services ensure your organisation stays GDPR and WEEE compliant.

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