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As an owner-managed business, we are dedicated to providing you with a personal, reliable and tailored service with no discreet costs, no contracts and no commitments.

After a decade of providing IT Services in three sectors, it was evident that recycling computers and electronic waste were sadly one of the lowest priorities for organisations. Our mission is to promote the ease of recycling electronic waste by offering free collections and recycling services to all business sectors across Greater London, Essex and neighbouring towns and cities.

For more information about each of the services we offer, please visit the pages below:
IT, Computer and Electronic Waste Recycling
Data Sanitisation and Destruction
Hardware Deinstallation & Removal
Toner and Ink Cartridge Recycling

If you have an enquire, please feel free to check out our FAQ, or contact us for a quick chat.

Environment Agency Waste Carrier License

Information Commissioner's Office Registration

Why Choose Us?

  • Personal, reliable, and a tailored service every time
  • No discreet costs, contracts, and commitments
  • Free collections
  • Certified data destruction using NCSC approved methods
  • Free deinstallation and removal of equipment
  • Free hardware audit report
  • Out of hours and weekend collections
  • Small or large quantities
  • Responsible EU GDPR / WEEE compliant recycling
  • Fast, efficient, hassle-free service
Old Dell Computers

Our IT & Electronic Waste Recycling Process

Arrange a Collection

1. Get in touch via phone or email. We’ll arrange a convenient time to collect your items.

No Fuss Collection

2. We’ll send you an ETA on the day of collection so you know when to expect us. Upon arrival, we’ll meet with your site contact to confirm the items being collected.

Hardware Audit

3. At our secure depot, items are unloaded to the booking in area. Items are assessed and audited. Hard drives are removed ready for data sanitisation.

Secure Recycling

4. Items go through our secure, certified, eco-friendly disposal process. Hard drives are sanitised using NCSC approved methods, or destroyed using specialist machinery.

Document Handover

5. As soon as your items have been processed, we’ll send you your hardware audit and certificates of data destruction.

Our disposal and recycling services ensure your organisation stays GDPR and WEEE compliant.

Alpha IT Recycling

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